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Dvichar has young and qualified team in the research and development of life-enhancing Home Automation solutions, advancing not only the perceived quality of automation but also the reliability of the Indian designs and manufacturing. Smart Home often referred to as Home Automation is very beautiful application of Internet of Things (IoT). Smart Home or Home Automation gives the homeowners a safe, smart and energy efficient way to control their devices or smart devices often by an application on their smartphones or other networked devices. As a part of the Internet of Things the devices will communicate to each other.

Developed by Indians, for Indian families, at sasta rates

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Controls upto Four lights

Three dot One

Controls upto Three lights and One fan

4-node Gang touch

Controls upto Four lights

Seven dot One Touch

Controls upto Seven lights and One Fan

IR Hub

One hub, replaces all the remotes

1BHK Package

Automate your single bedroom flat

2BHK Package

Automate your double bedroom flat

3BHK Package

Automate your tripple bedroom flat

Customized Solutions

You give us a problem and we solve it!

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